Would you like to run your own kindness camp? Click here for details on World Changer Camp Academy.

World Changer Camp Academy

World Changer Camp Academy

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*Use code Founders for 40% off. See below for details. Limited spots available. 

3 month and 6 month payment plans available. Email us at hello@foxandtrove.com to set this up.

Would you like to bring this popular summer kindness camp to your town, and make money while making a difference? Enrollment for World Changer Camp Academy 2021 is now open!

World Changer Camp focuses on fun, play-based activities that teach campers social-emotional learning skills including kindness, empathy, emotion-regulation, self-calming, mindfulness, conflict resolution, inclusiveness, resilience, growth mindset, confidence, and how to make the world a better place in their own unique ways.  This camp is FUN FUN FUN and will have your campers laughing and learning skills they'll carry with them for a lifetime.

When you enroll in World Changer Camp Academy (WCCA), you will learn every single step we perform to open our own kindness camp.  Our process has been honed and perfected over the last 5 years and we are ready to teach others how to bring this beloved, profitable, and quick to sell out camp across the globe. We have taken all of the guesswork out so by the end of the 10-week course, you will have your camp created and you'll be ready to open registration! You even have the option to open registration while the course is in process. We literally walk you through opening your own kindness camp, step-by-step. It couldn't be easier.

Suggested camp ages: 4 - 7

Included in World Changer Camp Academy:

10-week online course teaching you how to launch, market, and run your own kindness camp. You will learn every single step we perform each year to run our successful camp.

Weekly modules/lessons that break down each step of camp prep, launch, and run from our successful "creating buzz" plan, location scouting, marketing plan, camp counselor hiring and training, camp prep, registration launch, and how to run camp day-to-day. 

Weekly live Q&A with the founder, Jami Schaer.

Downloadable workbook for those who are tactile and visual learners and like to read and write things down.

The exact documents and templates we use at our camp including:

Welcome email template for camp parents

Camp counselor training packet

CIT/volunteer training packet

Budget template

Marketing scripts

Sign in/out template

Staff template for interviews and hires

Medical form, waivers, and policy examples

Information and training on the tools and apps we use

2 week in-person curriculum 

2 week virtual curriculum (this can be run all year, to kids all over the globe!)


*Free Bonus for signing up before January 15, 2021:

Full camp counselor training (hosted online)


The 2021 course begins in January. 

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Become a Founding Member and receive 40% off 

We are looking for a small group of people to be founding members of this course. Founding Members will receive 40% off the price of enrollment in World Changer Camp Academy.  If you are interested in being a Founding Member, please use the code Founders for 40% off WCCA at checkout. There are a limited number of spots available.