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Gift Kindness to a School!

Gift Kindness to a School!

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We did it! We created the ultimate gift - the gift of kindness.

Tell me more. How does this work?

You gift kindness we teach kindness to kids  kids spread kindness  we all create a better world for everyone!

By giving the gift of kindness to a school, we can reach more early learners during their important formative years and empower them to change the world. We believe every child should have access to our assemblies no matter their circumstance or demographic. Your sponsorship helps fund our FREE school kindness assemblies where we give kids the tools they need for positive social-emotional development. Our research-backed and age-appropriate bullying prevention program builds on the concepts of empathy, emotion regulation, conflict resolution, self-calming techniques and pro-social behavior.

Did you know that 1 in 4 students reported being bullied during the last school year? Students who bully others, are bullied, or witness bullying are more likely to report high levels of suicide-related behavior (Center for Disease Control, 2014). This has to stop. Studies show the best way to stop bullying is to prevent it in the first place by teaching kids between the ages of 3 and 6 how to be kind and brave - and that is exactly what we do.

Each kindness assembly is $200, however you can sponsor any amount from $25 - $10,000. For every $200+ sponsorship gifted, you will receive a Fox and Trove kind and brave tee of your choice and if you are in the Chicago area, you can also choose which preschool or kindergarten you would like to receive the assembly.

All donations are truly appreciated. No matter the amount, every dollar will go toward funding a kindness assembly for a school in need.

We encourage you to be a world changer and give the gift of kindness today!