What are the dates and times of World Changer Camp 2021?

Libertyville:  TBD

Deerfield:  TBD

All weeks run 9 am - noon

Can I sign up for both weeks?
Yes!  Both weeks of camp are different this year so you can sign up for one week or both.

What are the ages for camp?
"P - K" is for 4s PreK and Kindergartners (kids going into their last year of preschool and kids going into kindergarten in fall 2021). Ages 4-5.

"1st - 2nd" is for 1st and 2nd Graders (kids going into 1st and 2nd in fall 2021) Ages 6-7.

How much is camp?
$175 per week

What are the locations for 2021?

Libertyville Location:

501 Valley Park Dr

Libertyville, IL 60048


Deerfield Location:

815 Wilmot Rd

Deerfield, IL 60015


How many children will there be at camp?
Each session will have 16 World Changers, 2 camp leaders, and 2 camp helpers.

Why do you sometimes hold camp at churches? Is this a religious camp?
No, our camp is not faith-based and we don't talk about religion at camp or in our program. We always teach that everyone is important and everyone matters and we help kids celebrate one another's differences.  We often (but not always) host camp at churches because they are already set up nicely for our needs at camp (a nice, safe, outdoor grassy area and a room for craft time and snack and they usually are not busy during the summer). 


My child will be moving into Kindergarten in the Fall. Which session should I register for?
The PreK-Kinder Session (4-5 yr olds)

My child turns 4 in September, can they attend the preK-Kinder session?
Unfortunately, your little one must be 4 years old before camp begins

Does my child have to be potty trained?
Yes. We ask that all children be potty trained by the time camp starts.

I registered my child in the wrong session, what should I do?
Please email us at If there is space available in the camp you wanted, we will move you over. If the camp is sold out, we can issue you a refund.


I registered online but did not have to enter any information about my child. Is my registration complete?
If you registered online and received a confirmation email from us, you have a spot at camp! We will reach out to you in March to make sure we have all of your information.

Camp sold out so quickly! Is there a waitlist in case of cancellations?
Yes, please click "notify me" on the registration page for your town and for your age group. If we have cancellations, we will contact people on that list. We will reach out to the first person on the list and work our way down. If the demand is high enough, we may open another session for those on the waitlist and clicking "notify me" will put you on that list.  Please be sure to select the correct age group before clicking "notify me" so you get onto the correct waitlist. 

How did my session sell out in 2 minutes?  Is your website down? We're so sorry you were unable to grab a spot!  Our website is up and working but because space is limited at camp, our sessions generally sell out in under 20 minutes.  Please go back to the registration page and click "notify me" to get on the waitlist.  In each session there is usually at least one family that needs to cancel due to schedule conflicts so getting on the waitlist asap is important.

I want to register two children for camp. Can I add two sessions in my cart or will I need to do the complete registration process twice?
If you are registering for the same session, i.e. you want two 1st-2nd spots, you can change the quantity in your cart to 2. If you are registering for a preschool and a kindergarten session, you will have to add both to your cart. Both scenarios are very quick to navigate.

I added a session to my cart and by the time I checked out, it showed as sold out. Why?
We're sorry to hear this!  Our website and system work the same as any other retail site, i.e. just like Target, etc. Sales happen on a first come, first serve basis. In this case, if someone was further through the checkout process than you, the system allows you both to place the spot in your cart and whoever finishes check out first will get the last spot. We know it’s a bummer, but we only have a limited number of spots per session. Please be sure to add yourself to the waitist by clicking "notify me" on the registration page for your town.

I need to cancel my registration. What should I do?
Please email us at with your order number. For a refund, you must cancel by March 15th. If you cancel after this date, we can not guarantee a refund. We will do our best to find a replacement for you and you are welcome and encouraged to find someone to take your spot as well. If we are able to fill your spot, we will issue you a full refund. The final date to transfer your spot to someone else is June 1st when we need the camper roster set to allow us time to finish prepping for camp. 

I would love to have World Changer Camp in my town! Who should I contact?
Please email us at with your town and we will get back to you. We’d love to hear from you!


My child has food allergies and dietary restrictions. How do you handle that?
We take allergies and diet restrictions very seriously.  When we email camp forms in March for you to complete, you will have an opportunity to explain your child’s allergies and dietary needs. Campers will bring their own snack to camp. We will tell all parents to make sure the snack is nut-free. The camp counselors will also check snacks at snack time to make sure a camper with a strawberry allergy isn’t sitting at the same table as a camper who is eating strawberries. Epi-pens will be kept in the campers’ backpacks and taken with us into the snack room. 

My child has Autism/ADHD/Developmental Delay. Would you recommend this camp for them?
Everyone is welcome at camp and inclusion is something that we are very passionate about! This is a mainstream curriculum (we do have plans in the future to develop lessons for special education) so our camp leaders do not have a toolbox full of strategies for children with additional needs at camp. We will not have any therapists on site, but we will have 2 camp leaders and they will run the camp, and 2 high school or college age helpers with camp experience to work with the children and especially those who need extra support. Please make your decision based on your child and the information above.


I’d love to be a camp counselor, who should I contact?
Fabulous! If you would like to lead camp as a camp counselor, please email us at with the subject line ‘Camp Leader in <add town>’. In your email please include your resume and tell us why you’re awesome! We will get back to you within a few weeks!

I’d love to volunteer as a helper at camp, who should I contact?
YAY! Please email us at with the subject line ‘I’d like to volunteer at camp in <add location>’ . Please include a resume or a description of yourself and any previous camp experience you have.

I’d like to be a Kindness Ambassador. Who should I contact?
Please email us at to let us know and be sure to include your town. We'd love to hear from you!

My business loves what you are doing! Do you have opportunities to sponsor World Changer Camp 2020?
Yes! Sponsoring World Changer Camp is an awesome opportunity for businesses to reach many local families and support a great cause! If you are interested in being a camp sponsor, please reach out to us at We have several opportunities available. 


What will my child learn at World Changer Camp?
Kids ages 4-7 will love Fox and Trove's World Changer Camp! Each day will center around 1-2 social-emotional learning skills: empathy, emotion regulation, resiliency, bravery, conflict resolution, inclusiveness, acts of kindness and how to be a world changer. We will use age-appropriate teaching methods and activities to introduce and enhance these concepts and will encourage and foster positive connections with fellow campers. We will also teach self-calming and mindfulness techniques, which enable children to be more available to learn and ready to engage in the classroom and at home.  As always, the activities are light and fun but the skills our campers develop are profound and life-changing!

What is Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and why is it important?
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is a process which helps children cultivate essential life skills including awareness of one’s own emotions, fostering respect and care for others, establishing strong relationships, making ethical and responsible decisions, and handling adversity constructively.

There are over 20 years of research dedicated to proving the significant benefits of SEL curriculum; the most recent of which are highlighted here if you'd like to take a look. It's very interesting - we promise!