"Jami and Laura came to Banner Preschool in Wilmette today and did a workshop 'Kindness is the Coolest' with our summer campers. It was AMAZING and totally exceeded our expectations. The entire presentation/activity was so well thought out and flawless. We had 35, 3-6 year olds plus 10ish counselors and CITs and EVERYONE was engaged and absorbing all the useful information. I can't say enough about how thrilled we were with their visit. My own children were there and have been chanting, "Kindness is the Coolest" while wearing their bracelets all afternoon. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Fox and Trove!!!!!"- Christine Perkins, Director, Banner Preschool.

"I am THRILLED that this is concept is being brought forth in my community! It is the talk of the town! I can't wait to wear my #Kindness t-shirt to school this week and see how many of my students recognize it from your camp this summer. In a Montessori classroom we teach lessons in Grace and Courtesy that mirror many of the same concepts of kindness, breathing and social awareness that your program focuses on. We are a perfect match! I'm watching and thrilled for your success!" - Peggy Coleman, Village Green Montessori 

"A huge thank you to Jen and Cindy for their Kindness Assembly at Christ Lutheran Preschool. Their circle time, art project and activities were very engaging with our students. They even left us with support materials to use throughout the school year. Kindness and caring are such basic characteristics that need to be fostered. Hope to receive the Be Kind t-shirts soon for the whole staff so we can help spread the word about this important project" - Kathy Davis, Director, Christ Lutheran Preschool.

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