We are on a mission to empower kids to change the world by teaching them how to be kind and brave

Research shows teaching kids during the formative years of 3-6 kindness and bravery is the most effective way to prevent bullying before it even has a chance to start.  In addition to bullying prevention, kindness and bravery education also fosters resiliency, confidence and social-emotional competence.  Kids who are kind and brave are statistically happier, healthier physically and mentally and far more likely to grow up into happier, healthier adults.
The ideal age to begin teaching kids how to be kind and brave is 3-6. Therefore, we focus our efforts on preschoolers and kindergarteners with our Fox and Trove Kindness Curriculum (World Changers in the Classroom), School Kindness Assemblies, After School Program (World Changer Club) and Summer Camps (World Changer Camp). Find out more about our Kindness Education Program here.
We know raising good people, spreading kindness and inspiring bravery takes a village so we also have a line of Kind + Brave graphic tees and prints for all ages.  Wear the message across your chest with pride and join the World Changer movement!!

100% of profits from every tshirt sale goes towards providing free kindness assemblies to schools!!

Meet the mom behind Fox and Trove™ 

Jami Schaer, Founder, Executive Director
Find me at Starbucks drinking a salted caramel iced mocha, nonfat, no whip cream because, you know, balance.

"Resilient happiness. That's what we want for our kids. A happiness so strong it will protect their hearts when we can't, empower them to make good choices, be good people and get back up when they fall. If I can't shield her from every bump in life, then I will make sure her soul is full of resilient happiness by loving her madly and teaching her how to be kind and brave". - Jami