Teaching preschoolers and kindergarteners how to be kind and brave can have a profound effect on their lives and the world as a whole.

A child is bullied every 7 minutes.
90% of kids in school report being victims of bullying.
The average number of attempted teen suicides per year is 575,000. 
Bullying is one of the main causes of suicide.

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The mission of Fox and Trove's Kindness Program is to teach kids, ages 3-7, how to be kind and brave. Using age-appropriate teaching methods and activities we introduce the concepts of empathy, emotion regulation, positive language, conflict resolution and pro-social behavior. We encourage and foster positive connections with peers and teach self calming and mindfulness techniques which enable children to be more available to learn and ready to engage in the classroom and at home. 

Studies show these early, formative childhood years are the most effective time to teach kids kindness and bravery. Instilling these traits in our youngest has the power to stop bullying before it even begins. Kind and Brave kids do not bully, are less likely to be a victim of bullying and more likely to stand up for themselves and others who are targeted.  While bullying prevention is a significant benefit of our curriculum, we don't use the words "bullying" or "bully" in front of children.  Instead, we focus on the positive, instilling kindness, empathy, bravery and confidence.

Our movement doesn't stop with bullying prevention; Kind and Brave kids are statistically proven to be happier, healthier, perform better in school, forge positive friendships and make better decisions as they grow up.  They are more likely to be successful in their chosen career, they are better friends, better spouses and more engaged parents who then teach their own children the traits of kindness and bravery they were taught.  Our Kind and Brave movement creates a ripple effect and truly has the power to change the world.

Fox and Trove offers three comprehensive programs - a full Kindness Curriculum for the entire school year, World Changer Club, an after school program and World Changer Camp, a summer camp for kids ages 4-7. 
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"Acts of kindness foster the development of the higher centers of our brain. From these higher centers, our children grow to be readers, writers, scientists, artists, and mathematicians, exploring the wonders of the world." (Source Scholastic)