Hurry Up And Pee

I can't believe how often I say these words to my four year old.  If anyone told me to hurry up and pee on a daily basis they'd be done for.  And yet, here I am with my busy life, in my busy house in this busy world, growing more and more impatient as my daughter sits atop the potty doing her business, making us late to ballet.  Or Target.  Or preschool.  Or a playdate.  We're not running late to a meeting at the pentagon where I'm supposed to stop the President from pressing the nuke button. But here I stand rushing her through her business repeating ad nauseam "hurry up and pee!" The day I realized how ridiculous this request was, was the last day I made it.  I know I'll slip up and say it again when we're rushing out the door one early morning in the future, but I'm making a real effort to be more mindful.  To slow down and let her just be a kid. A slow, pokey, sweet, happy kid.  
Friends....slow down with us even if just for a moment because we're on a mission and we need your help.  We're going to change the world our kids grow up in by teaching them how to be kind and brave. Together we can stop bullying and make the next generation kinder, more resilient, healthier and most of all....happier.  We'd love it if you joined the movement! Take your time, we'll wait.  Who am I kidding...hurry up, let's go!
xoxo Jami

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