10.5 Questions with Khoudia Diop

Welcome to 10.5 Questions!! We are beyond thrilled to share our interview with the super, fabulous Khoudia Diop - model, advocate and world changer. Khoudia works with the incredible organization, The Colored Girl, to shatter stereotypes, challenge industry standards, and disrupt accepted beauty "norms".

1. Tell us about The Colored Girl and why you joined their inspiring movement.
I really loved their first campaign, so when they asked me to be in their second one, The Colored Girl: Rebirth, I was very excited! TCG unites, empowers and celebrates the beauty of women of color, in all different shades, ethnicities and walks of life! The founders, Victory Jones and Tori Elizabeth, actually scouted me on social media, and we’ve been working very closely together ever since. But I joined because I wanted to be part of something positive, creative and uplifting to black women, and express myself by doing what I love while also inspiring other young girls.
2.  We read in Huffington Post you've been bullied because of the color of your skin.  What advice can you give kids who are going through something similar?
I want them to not pay attention to bullies, and always remember that they (bullies) are also insecure, and that's why they bully.
3.  What is one of the kindest things someone has ever done for you?
My sister used to go to class late every morning because she wanted to make sure I got to school safely, without fighting with bullies.
4.  What is one of the kindest things you have done for someone else?
Many of my classmates would not bring lunch or money at school, even though they were not really nice (only when they need something from me). I think giving my food away or buying lunch for children in need during school lunch was one of kindest things I've ever done. 
5.  We had a crush on Lion-O from the Thundercats in the 80s.  What cartoon character did you crush on? 
Ninja turtles!
6.  Taco Tuesday?
Nah... LOL!
7. What would your DJ name be?
Darky or why not 'shade'!
8.  Tell us one thing about yourself that would surprise us (Come on, shock us!  We won't tell anyone except everyone who reads our blog, all of instagram and the bartender at our favorite cocktail spot).
I have a bunch of little light spots (like freckles) all over my body but you only can see them when I step in the sunlight.
9.  What's your favorite song to bust a move to?
'Tchoin' from French rapper Kaaris
10. How would you like to change the world?
By making people love and appreciate each other and not focus on skin color.
10.5 (from Violet, age 5) Why do horses and cows stand up while they're sleeping?
It's because they lay down a lot and need to stand for a while to stretch up. ;-)
It's clear to see that Khoudia is a true World Changer! In fact, Khoudia and The Colored Girl are launching an anti-bullying initative. Donations will help with the creation of anti-bullying campaigns, contribute towards other anti-bullying organizations and help those who are victims of bullying. If you'd like to support their incredible movement, please click here.

A huge thank you to Khoudia Diop and also to Tori Elizabeth & Victory Jones, Founders of The Colored Girl.

Company: The Colored Girl, @thecgirlinc
Campaign: The Colored Girl: Rebirth
Website: www.thecoloredgirl.com



  • Lovely! It’s so refreshing to see celebrities using their resources and reach for social good. Khoudia, you are amazing. I just went to the Colored Girl website and love their campaigns. You all are doing such important work. Keep it up! ❤️

  • I love her answers. I’ve seen her gorgeous pictures before but this one is just so incredible. She’s radiant! I love how down to earth she is. Another great interview F&T!

  • Love this! What a true beauty with a huge heart! Thanks for introducing me to tcg too! Following them both on Instagram now!

  • Khoudia is beautiful, both on the outside and inside. I love that she’s using her platform to do good in the world. ❤️

  • She sounds amazing!


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